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Is Charli a boys’ name?

Tops the list.

It started out as a male nickname. Now it’s both. 

"Charlie" Chaplin
Sir Charles Spencer “Charlie” Chaplin, (1889-1977)

“Charlie”, and its variations, is at the top of truly gender-neutral names.

The top 12 “unisex” names, with the gender split by percentage according to Social Security statistics, are:

1. Charlie, 50-50 girls-boys

2. Finley, 58-42 girls-boys

3. Skyler, 54-46 girls-boys

4. Justice, 52-48 girls-boys

5. Royal, 42-58 girls-boys

6. Lennon, 50-41 girls-boys

7. Oakley, 52-48 girls-boys

8. Armani, 46-54 girls-boys

9. Azariah, 55-45 girls-boys

10. Landry, 53-47 girls-boys

11. Frankie, 58-42 girls-boys

12. Sidney, 56-44 girls-boys

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  • I have spent some great time there, too. You post returned me to this awesome road-trip that me and my girlfriend had back in 2011. Keep up the good work John, looking forward to your new posts.